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Amplify OT Faculty Dashboard

UPDATE: Amplify OT is actively updating our faculty guide and ACOTE Crosswalk to align with 2025 standards. We will also add new lessons to support new standards related to advocacy, entrepreneurship, and related topics. Stay tuned!


Please feel free to use the form below or email us at admin@amplifyot.com if you have any suggestions or questions!

Faculty Guide:

  • Includes ACOTE Crosswalk
  • Quiz Questions and Bonus Questions
  • Resources and Handouts
  • Recommended Assignment outlines with ACOTE standards

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Visit the student report page and from there you can filter student information, view quiz data, and export quiz attempts via a CSV file. 

Student reports are only available for programs that are registered as a group. It is not available for individual sign ups. 

Here’s a quick video on this feature: https://youtu.be/69V6875uJTE 

Students are welcome to contact me via email at cgrote@amplifyot.com or by logging into the membership platform and using the direct messaging feature located on the top right. 

Students and faculty members are all welcome at my office hours and meetups! This is the perfect time to drop in and ask questions. 

The subscription to the Amplify OT Membership starts whenever the individual signs up or on the agreed upon “activation date” between Clarice and the program. 

The subscription will last for either 4 months or a year depending on the length of subscription selected. 

Our courses do offer a certificate of completion that you can utilize for your professional development plans and potentially also for state licensure continuing education requirements. 

However, we cannot guarantee acceptance by your program, ACOTE, or other governing bodies. 

Amplify OT resources were developed with ACOTE standards in mind. We provide comprehensive education on reimbursement, healthcare systems, advocacy, policy, legislation, and more! 

We do this through video formats and assess knowledge through multiple choice quiz questions. These quizzes then issue certificates complete with names and scores so you can verify learning. 

Amplify OT is currently working on developing a handout identifying how lessons meet ACOTE standards. If you would like a copy of the draft, please send me an email at cgrote@amplifyot.com. 

However, as always, it is up to the university to ensure they are in compliance with ACOTE standards. Amplify OT cannot guarantee ACOTE will accept any material as acceptable.

The most popular way to integrate Amplify OT resources with a course is through assigned ‘readings’ to support in-class discussions and learning. 

Students are able to complete these modules at any time that fits in their schedule and due to their short nature, students actually finish the modules. 

These videos may also be pulled up during your class time to watch together and then discuss. With that in mind, please do not share our materials with your entire class if your students are not members. 

Absolutely! While Amplify OT is my full-time job, I am passionate about providing free resources that are still high value!

Please visit Amplifyot.com/services or use the links below to access our free resources. Students can easily access them by entering their email. 

Amplify OT Members can access these resources and others HERE.

Please feel free to also utilize our free articles and the Amplify OT Podcast to support learning! You can find the Amplify OT Podcast on your favorite podcast app or at amplify or.com/podcast.amplify or.com/podcast.