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Use the resources that the membership provides to go beyond what you’re taught in class so that you emerge primed, confident, and totally ready to join the workforce! 

NB: This membership is only open to individuals who are currently part of an entry-level program or are within 6 months of graduating from their entry-level program. This type of membership will not issue CE certificates for most courses. 

Join the Amplify OT Membership - Student Edition

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*Normal rates are $350/year, but as Amplify OT is dedicated to empowering the future of our profession, we are covering the difference between normal rates and student rates. We hope that doing this will encourage you to sign up and access the resources you need, even while on a student budget. Check out our terms to confirm whether you are eligible for the student edition of the membership. 

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*For more on this, see terms and pricing.

Still on the fence? Here are a couple more reasons why you should join the student edition of the membership!

1. New Career Opportunities
Discover exciting new opportunities in the field of occupational therapy that have probably never occurred to you! Explore different career paths, potential entrepreneurship, and learn about advocacy at the state/federal level.
2. Workforce Preparedness
Navigate your fieldwork with confidence. Get rid of workplace jitters by further exploring what you know, uncovering what you should know, and get empowered in the process.
3. Community of Support
You're not alone in this! Link up with fellow OT/OTA students and grow together in the field of OT; gain added insights from professionals with years of experience working in the field.
4. Unique Skillset
Set yourself apart as you enter the workforce with your newfound knowledge on policy, billing, and more. What you gain through the membership will give you an edge over other job applicants.
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Here's What Fellow Students Have to Say:

I am an occupational therapy student and although this information was briefly covered in coursework, I did not feel like I fully understood reimbursement and all that advocacy entails. This course gave me a good understanding of how policy and practice collide. I also feel more confident in my ability to locate information which will be such a useful skill when I start practicing!

So, are you ready to take the leap?

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