Emerge as a confident voice of reason within a turbulent U.S. healthcare system.

Want to take control over your career and your plan of care?

Start by maximizing your knowledge about how our healthcare system and Medicare *actually* work so you can be the change you want to see! Inside the Amplify OT Membership, you will discover healthcare reimbursement essentials that don’t get taught in school. Plus, you’re the first to get solid, concrete answers when changes happen.
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This might be hard to hear, but you need to know...

A solid foundation in healthcare reimbursement & policy knowledge isn't optional.

Think of those pesky reimbursement regulations as the gears that make everything else work. This means knowing Medicare and policy is JUST AS IMPORTANT as your effective interventions, client care, and clinical thinking.

After all, without reimbursement or payment, your patients don’t get therapy and you don’t get paid!

Take a second to think about your own daily life as an OT or OTA. Perhaps you’ve struggled with policy already and didn’t even realize it.​

Policy sneaks into your day when you’re…

  • Stumbling through how to respond when patients ask, “Will Medicare cover this?”
  • Feeling unheard when making a case around a treatment plan to your director of rehab, case manager, or referring physician.
  • Being told to change your plan of care because “that’s not covered.”
  • Getting pushed around by your company with inaccurate information.

Yup, the policy, reimbursement, and business of therapy impact a lot! And not having concrete answers can leave you feeling frustrated in your everyday work.

That’s right, you’re frustrated because it’s impossible to provide holistic care without understanding Medicare, policy, and reimbursement.

It’s like driving a car without first learning the rules of the road. 

But wait — Here's the kicker! —

All of this "not knowing" isn't your fault😲

...because you don't know what you haven't been taught.

Consider This:

That’s why everyone — from students to experienced clinicians and even healthcare leaders — seems confused when it comes to what’s covered, ethical, or allowed.

It’s no wonder it’s such a challenge to explain our value in a way that makes sense to others.

That stops now!
Here's where you start anew.

To be ethical, respected, and effective, your clinical decisions need to be fully informed — which includes taking into consideration reimbursement & policy.

That’s right, my friend, understanding policy and reimbursement is possible! And it will fundamentally change how you practice occupational therapy. 🥳🥳🥳

The good news — learning this stuff doesn’t need to feel impossible, boring, or irrelevant to your daily practice as an OT practitioner.

And you definitely don’t need to figure this out alone. That’s a recipe for frustration and wasted hours looking for answers.

You’ve got me as your guide so you don’t get lost in the policy weeds.

My name is Clarice, and I’m an OT, a Medicare specialist, and the leader behind Amplify OT. As a fellow OT, I thrive in translating all that policy mumbo-jumbo into myth-busting clinical takeaways.

And I know – policy and compliance work gets a bad rap for being stuffy, scary, and judg-y. None of which gel with my style.

So grab a cup of coffee and come hang out in the community! In our corner of the internet, we make policy and advocacy accessible to OTPs working in adult rehab.

Introducing the Amplify OT Membership

Welcome to the leading place for occupational therapists to get the latest information on Medicare, healthcare policy, and advocacy — without the icky 🫣😱😵 feelings of traditional policy education.

Within this thoughtful and passionate private community, you get accurate information, community, and direct support so you emerge as a valuable voice of reason for your patients and coworkers.

Student Rate

$ 50
/ 6 months
  • For entry-level students & those within 6 months of graduating.

Pay Monthly

$ 35
  • Pay monthly, cancel anytime!

Pay Annually

$ 350
  • 2 months free ($70) when you pay annually.
Best Value


The resources inside the membership will help you with:


Streamline your documentation by knowing what’s important and the overall impact of each code and box.


Legally bill for ALL the skilled services you’re providing.
Hint: Most OTPs are too cautious and end up underbilling and getting scolded about productivity.

Discharge Planning

Understand your role in the patient journey so you make equipment and discharge recommendations that get approved.

Advocate for Services

Use Medicare rules to stand up for what’s right, the value of your services, or a patient's unique needs.


Sleep easy at night, knowing you’re providing ethical and legal care.


Gain respect as you quickly and accurately explain options and your plan of care to patients, case managers, physicians, and even your boss.

Imagine yourself armed with accurate information to do your job correctly and stand in conviction as someone who knows your stuff. That’s right, it’s possible to meet with your manager – Medicare policy in hand – and be seen as the expert rather than the nuisance with questions.


I think my favorite outcome of this course is my comfortability has increased regarding billing and reimbursement of services. I feel better able to discuss these topics with my patients.

Check out everything the Amplify OT membership includes:

Immediate access to all Amplify OT content

Resources and content that grow with your career and the changing times. The info you need, any time, anywhere, on any device.

Mastering OT Policy and Medicare Course

Our signature, step-by-step curriculum unpacks nitty-gritty details of our healthcare system, reimbursement, and Medicare. 

This 5-module self-paced course includes engaging bite-sized videos plus handouts and activities that turn learning into action.

If you’re an OT or OTA working in any area of adult rehab, this content connects the dots of discharge planning, Medicare, and patient advocacy for you in new and necessary ways.

Supplemental Library

After you soak up the essentials of the Mastering OT Policy and Medicare Course, you’re invited to build on your knowledge and skills by heading to our always-growing resource library covering topics such as Section GG, effective advocacy, and Medicare documentation and billing.

Meaning, you can always access the information you need and grab some CEUs along the way…and keep coming back!

This library of resources is always growing in response to member feedback and healthcare changes.

Ongoing Updates

We’re dedicated to providing up-to-date information that grows with you and flexes as you encounter new clinical situations. Each month, you receive a member-only update. This quick read gives you the four-one-one on policy & reimbursement updates that can impact your practice.

The highlight of each month is the Monthly Meetup which happens virtually via Zoom. To give you an idea of what this looks like, we tackle member-driven topics or help you stay on top of a specific policy change.

Plus, you have the opportunity for Q&A, networking, and thoughtful discussion.

Brilliant OT Community

The ability to cultivate conversation and provide mutual encouragement was the driving force to create this membership. Think of the interaction of Facebook without all the false information, drama, or distractions.

Network, brainstorm and share information on the community feed and then dive into one or more of the more specific group forums.

Medicare Specialist On-Demand

Stop posting on social media and praying for an accurate response to an issue you’re facing at work. Instead, get direct access to the Medicare specialist, Clarice Grote.

With a Medicare specialist in your pocket, you get timely answers in a format that works for you. This might be posting in the community, sending a private message, or showing up to one of our open office hours.

No matter how you reach out, you always get thoughtful, researched answers specific to your situation. Even better, the direct format means that we can have a back-and-forth conversation to truly get to the heart of your situation.

Extra Perks that Come with the Amplify OT Membership

Priority Attention

When big policy changes happen, our members get info and answers first.


There are currently 9 CEUs (and counting) up for grabs inside the membership.

Community Forums

Trade the craziness of social media groups for focused discussion specifics around SNF, home health, and being a student or faculty member.

Take a peek behind-the-scenes👇

Sign up now for instant access to everything inside the Amplify OT Membership!

If you’re ready to thrive in the healthcare system as an OT/ OTA AND get VIP access to updated information as it rolls out – without wasting hours of your own time looking for information in the wrong spot or trying to translate legal speak into practical applications.

Simply choose your payment plan and you’re in!

(Cuz we all know the healthcare system doesn’t stay the same for very long!)

Student Rate

$ 50
6 months
  • For entry-level students & those within 6 months of graduating.

Pay Monthly

$ 35
  • Cancel anytime!

Pay Annually

$ 350
  • 2 months free ($70) when you pay annually.
Best Value

Quick reminder, when you sign up you get:

14-day Money Back Guarantee!

On the fence? Come check out the membership and then decide. You have 14 days to look around and experience all the goodness we’ve got inside this passionate community.

And if in that time, you decide the Amplify OT Membership isn’t right for you, simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

What Makes Amplify OT Membership Stand Out?

Access to Expertise

Where else can you instantly tap into an OT who knows how to read policy and apply it to practice? Simply reach out and quickly get accurate information that is specific to your situation.

Positive Vibes

Policy & advocacy gets a bad rap for being boring or impractical. We’re on a mission to make policy work approachable with thoughtful resources and upbeat presentations that make it easy to learn on the go.

Make the Hard Stuff Easy

Avoid the legalese and confusion of interpreting policy on your own. Around here, everything is explained in simple, practical terms that everyone can understand and apply.

Grounded in Practice

We tie everything back to how you can use it to advocate for your services and better help your patients. Feel confident in your decisions as a clinician because they’ll be based in policy and evidence.

Dedication to Discussion

Policy isn’t clear-cut or stagnant. That’s why we cultivate ongoing community discussion that wades through ambiguity and gives you solid answers you can feel good about.

Place to Start & Grow

We understand that most OTPs have been thrown into practice without solid resources for reimbursement & policy. Our resources span from beginner to advanced so everyone starts on the same page and has boundless opportunities to grow.

Emily Stallings

Emily Stallings

“I love this course! I am a policy nerd like yourself but I never really knew where to find things. I wanted to really understand policy and not bill inappropriately but also not limit myself by under-treating.

This course simplified all myriad of choices and avenues regarding Medicare and gave me new ways to communicate with my management. The low-cost membership was very affordable and appealing. I loved your presentation style, the jazzy little music in between modules, and the clarity in which confusing material was presented. I found it easy to listen to in the car or anywhere — even the dentist!”

Meet the OT Medicare & Policy Wonk Behind The Membership

Hi👋! I’m Clarice Grote,

The occupational therapist who brings policy alive and turns fellow OTPs into confident advocates.

I’m an occupational therapist, healthcare policy enthusiast, and OT advocate. I founded Amplify OT to help you navigate and thrive in the traditional medical model.

As a new practitioner, I didn’t understand how the healthcare system worked and that made it hard to advocate for my clinical judgment and my patients.

So I rolled up my sleeves and learned how to read and apply policy. I got involved and didn’t let my lack of experience or imposter syndrome get in the way of speaking up.

Ultimately, my knack for policy made me a better clinician and even opened new doors to leadership and advocacy experiences. Without a law degree or a million years of experience, I helped pass a state law to streamline employment for new OT grads and progressed the licensure compact in Missouri.

Plus, I stepped into opportunities to collaborate with AOTA on national policy and advocacy initiatives. 

With a desire to impact individual lives and the healthcare system as a whole, I packaged all my knowledge and resources into the Amplify OT Membership so you can have them too. 

By including community and ongoing resources, I’m confident you’ll feel up-to-date and empowered as an OT or OTA working in the sometimes wild jungle we call the healthcare system in the United States. 

Understand how everything is connected. Get specifics for your area of practice.

This membership is for you if you’re an occupational therapy practitioner, student, or educator working in the following US practice settings:


Acute Care


Inpatient Rehab


Skilled Nursing Facility


Home Health


Outpatient Rehab

You’ll find understanding the whole healthcare system of adult rehab is the shortcut to effective treatment sessions and solid discharge plans.

The Amplify OT Membership is perfect for you if you're a...

We're definitely a good fit for you if...
We’re definitely not a good fit if:

What others are saying about the Membership:

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming at you with some FAQ’s.

Absolutely! If you’re an OTA, your job definitely requires you to understand billing, healthcare systems, and advocacy, so this all applies to you. Plus, if you hope to someday move into a leadership role, this information will become even more important!

Of course all our welcome! Our content does tend to focus on occupational therapy and our services, but there are PTs and PTAs how have benefit from this content. There is a 14 day guarantee so you might as well try it out, right? You never know what you might learn and your perspective is always welcome. 

While I’m not an official AOTA-approved provider, these CEUs are generally accepted by NBCOT and most state professional licensing boards. That’s because all content is directly related to the profession.

We also provide CE packets to support you with the information you need to apply for CE credit from your board. We have packets available to help you apply for CE approval in your state if that is required by your licensure board.

That being said, I can never guarantee CEU acceptance because licensing differs by state. If you have any questions, let me know! There are currently up to 9 CEUs available inside the membership. Simply take the approved courses, take the quiz, and print your certificate. 

You’ll have access to all of our resources and information for as long as your membership is active! All membership s are set to autorenew so you can maintain acess on autopilot!

Absolutely! You’re in a prime spot to pass on these valuable details to the next generation of OT practitioners. Get up to speed on the latest reimbursement and policy knowledge with this membership so we can support the future of the profession together! 

We offer group discounts if you want to have this program available to all your students as a textbook, recommended resource, or required material for your course. You can reach out to me directly via email,  Cgrote@amplifyot.com, or visit amplifyot.com/program for more details. 

I understand how busy life gets as a full-time clinician, which is why I designed the courses and resources to fit your schedule. 

Videos are on-demand and are around 15 minutes on average. Perfect for watching during your morning routine, over lunch, or while wearing an aloe face mask with a glass of wine after one of those days. 

Plus, all of the courses are on demand and Mastering OT Policy and Medicare doesn’t use slides. So you’d an listen on the go between patients, while finishing documentation, or while you’re cleaning up after dinner. Our courses are all on-demand and many of our members have listened to the content on-the-go!

I’m so sorry you’re in the middle of that. Truth is, some companies just aren’t that great. This membership will teach you about how things should be run in terms of Medicare and reimbursement, plus some basic advocacy tools to navigate the situation. 

The membership also gives you access to me and a community of practitioners to provide you with support and cheer on your advocacy efforts. The beauty of the membership is that you will have a community of knowledgeable and supportive practitioners to help you brainstorm solutions and identify ways to approach this delicate situation.

Although your company may not change its way, you now hold the knowledge to identify ethical companies and protect your license.

We’ll miss you and we understand that members come and go. It’s simple to cancel within your member dashboard at any time. After canceling, you still have access to everything inside the membership until your next renewal date. We recommend that you download any needed handouts or CEU certificates before your access is discontinued.

My podcast and blog articles provide a good place to start gathering information. However, it’s impossible to really dig into all the specifics and action items in those formats. Inside the Membership is where you find details, back-and-forth conversation, and action steps that bring everything together in a practical way for your specific situation.

Around here, we are supporters of AOTA and see the work inside the membership as complementary to an AOTA membership. First off, AOTA is working on a bigger mission of protecting and growing the profession on a national and legislative level. While they do provide some guidance on advocacy and reimbursement, it’s not to the same level of detail and direct support we’re able to provide inside the Amplify OT Membership.

Most CEU platforms only offer recorded presentations and limited ability to ask questions. If your boss is asking you to do something unethical or you have a nuanced question, you might have to spend hours watching presentations to try and find the information you need.

Ultimately, if you’re just looking for a bunch of CEUs, then this might not be the membership for you. We offer some CEUs as a perk but it’s not the focus of our membership. The focus is to support you and to amplify the occupational therapy profession through knowledge and resources. It’s easier to take action when we know we have the facts to back us up!


There’s power in what you do as an OTP. Gather the knowledge you need to do it.

Sure… you could keep wrestling with the info provided by your company — looking for documentation short-cuts and posting questions in random Facebook groups. All the while hoping 🤞 you’re doing things right.

Or you could…

Carve out a bit of time to learn. And in return, you —


This is the answer to changing the system from within.

Being a change-maker who understands what’s going on and speaks the lingo to create solutions that work for you, your patients, and your employer.

The Amplify OT Membership makes understanding the healthcare systems of adult rehab easy and practical from beginning to end.

Student Member

$ 50
6 months
  • For entry-level students & those within 6 months of graduating.

Monthly Member

$ 35
  • Pay monthly, cancel anytime!

Annual Member

$ 350
  • 2 months free ($70) when you pay annually.
Best Value

Save the date for April 12nd when doors open again!

Until then, join the Waitlist!

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