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What Makes the Amplify OT Membership Stand Out?

Access to Expertise

Where else can you instantly tap into an OT who knows how to read policy and apply it to practice? Simply reach out and quickly get accurate information that is specific to your situation.

Positive Vibes

Policy & advocacy gets a bad rap for being boring or impractical. We’re on a mission to make policy work approachable with thoughtful resources and upbeat presentations that make it easy to learn on the go.

Make the Hard Stuff Easy

Avoid the legalese and confusion of interpreting policy on your own. Around here, everything is explained in simple, practical terms that everyone can understand and apply.

Grounded in Practice

We tie everything back to how you can use it to advocate for your services and better help your patients. Feel confident in your decisions as a clinician because they’ll be based in policy and evidence.

Dedication to Discussion

Policy isn’t clear-cut or stagnant. That’s why we cultivate ongoing community discussion that wades through ambiguity and gives you solid answers you can feel good about.

Place to Start & Grow

We understand that most OTPs have been thrown into practice without solid resources for reimbursement & policy. Our resources span from beginner to advanced so everyone starts on the same page and has boundless opportunities to grow.

Individual Monthly Amplifier
$37.25 / Month
✅ Unlimited Course Access
✅ Ability to Earn CE Certificates
✅ Access to our Learning Community
✅ General and Setting Specific Policy Updates
✅ Cancel Anytime
Annual Full-Access Pass
$372.50 / Year
Unlimited course access
Year-round updates
Access to all community features
Ability to earn CE credits